Preliminary estimates of harvest in 2019 in the Netherlands are 1.5 million tons, i.e. 65% more than in 2018 - this is comparable with 2017.

The information comes from the Delphy research agency and is expected yield.

In 2019, the crop area was also increased to 27.6 thousand hectares, which was 9 percent more than a year ago. At that time it was 25.4 thousand hectares.

The yield per hectare of seed onions is estimated to be just over 53 tonnes, which is 50 percent higher this year than the final yield per hectare in 2018.

Summary: in 2017, productivity per hectare of this crop was 2.6 tons higher than currently expected level. The expected yield per hectare in 2019 is also below the average for the period 2000-2017 (57.2 tonnes per hectare).


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