We offer Fresh and Frozen

We can deliver fast and
we have a fresh product with quality!


Fresh Onion

Through the high productivity of the hand peeling onions, we can deliver fast and we have a fresh product with quality.

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Frozen Onion

We can delivered also deep frozen onions, we will freeze the onions according to your wishes and requirements.

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HACCP is an English shortcut for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System. It’s a systemic procedure to ensure health safety of food.

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We’re sending you the offer of conducting a zero audit to evaluate the existing system and documentation, also to provide you...

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Certificate  BRC Agents&Brokers

As one of the first in Poland we have a BRC Agents & Brokers certificate. Among our suppliers are both producer groups with a BRC system and farmers certified as Global Gap. As a company we also try to help our suppliers implement Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Hygiene Practices.

AGRO  News

January 12, 2018

Onions price in Poland (onions market) - 12.10.2018

Prices of onions on polish markets:Warszawski Rolno-Spożywczy Rynek Hurtowy S.A.…
October 17, 2017

Photos - Anuga - Taste The Future - Cologne - 5-9.10.2017


Our Staff

Jan Gerrit Feil

Jan Gerrit Feil

"Owner, CEO "

Ada Kubicka

Ada Kubicka

"Proxy, Department of Financial and Administrative "

Karolina Staszak

Karolina Staszak

"Quality Manager"

Beata Prędka

Beata Prędka



Who we are

FH Trade Sp. z o. o. control sales and transport of all product to customers. This is in close collaboration with other factory in Poland. FH Trade Sp. z o.o. is responsible for our agronomy and the production of our peeled products. FH Trade Sp. z o. o. knows through the close collaboration exactly what is happen in the Polish and West-European market.

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